Do Muslims live in Mongolia?


While you may not have heard much about Mongolia, it’s actually a fascinating country. It’s got an interesting history and culture, as well as many natural wonders. One thing that might surprise you is that there are Muslims living in Mongolia!

Do Muslims live in Mongolia?

Do Muslims live in Mongolia?

No, but there are many Muslims in neighboring countries, including Russia and China. The largest group of Mongolians living outside the country is in Russia’s Altai region, near the border with Mongolia. There are also some Mongolians living in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (IMAR). These people are descendants of Genghis Khan’s armies and their families who were forced to settle there centuries ago by Chinese emperors. They speak a dialect called Khalkha or Kalmyk that resembles Mongolian but which has its own grammar and vocabulary as well; it is not mutually intelligible with other languages spoken by Mongols such as Khorchin or Buryat (both spoken by ethnic groups located on the border between China and Russia).

The majority of Mongolians practice Buddhism nowadays but they traditionally followed Shamanism before adopting Buddhism during various periods of history when they came into contact with Buddhist monks or traders from India or Tibet during their conquest campaigns throughout Asia starting from around 1206 CE until 1368 CE (and possibly even later).

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Are Mongolians Chinese or Russian?

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