Mongolian people


Most Mongolians are nomadic herders, living in gers (yurts) made of felt that can be easily moved from place to place on their herds. Nomads also tend to be very hospitable, always welcoming friends and strangers alike into their camps with open arms. Because they are constantly moving, Mongolians’ sense of family is important; they keep track of extended family members who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away at any given time. They also have a rich culture based on storytelling and songs passed down through generations—it was this tradition that inspired the creation of “Genghis Khan” musicals!

A lot has changed since Genghis Khan’s time; nowadays most Mongols live in cities or suburbs, work in offices just like everyone else (though some still ride horses), and drive cars instead of riding camels. But one thing remains constant: The Mongolian people continue to embrace their nomadic heritage with pride!

Sigríðr Petar

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